Posts in July 2018
Behind the Scenes with Gild Collective: The Fight for Gender Parity

At Gild Collective, we work with organizations to deliver women’s leadership and gender diversity programming and strategy. Most often, we work with women’s initiatives (sometimes called women’s networks, employee resource groups... the list goes on). Sometimes this is a formal program that is mandated by HR or a diversity and inclusion team within the organization. Other times, we are working with a passionate group of employees who are working to drive progress in their companies to see more women rise.

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On Second Thought: Let’s Catch up With Megan Park

Roughly seven months after we last talked with Megan Park, we spent a beautiful April morning at the Ivy Hills Country Club catching up with the producer and storyteller and experiencing her project Putting Women in Their Place in action. Putting Women in Their Place is project that produces campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running from office. We met with Megan – in the midst of shooting videos for several candidates – to catch up on her many exciting projects, motherhood, and more.

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Stories Behind the Booze: Gather Cincy’s Peggy Bustamante and Meg Cooper

Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and movies – all of these duos showcase unique flavors or talents while simultaneously balancing each other out, much like the mother-daughter partnership behind Gather Cincy. From renovations to wellness classes, daughter Meg Cooper and mother Peggy Bustamante have worked together over the past year to open Cincinnati’s first coworking space that offers childcare on site. Gather Cincy wants to bring working men and women together through a shared passion of hustle, hard work, and collaboration.

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