Resident Throwback: Why Mentorship Matters

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Mentorship matters. As residents of Women of Cincy, we’ll learn as much from you as you’ll learn from us. We believe that life is just one giant learning curve, and learning about the world and its women is not only beneficial, but essential. Heading out into the world is not always easy, but it’s always a welcome challenge.

“Whether it was attending events by myself, interviewing women from around the world, or standing tall in the face of predicaments, Women of Cincy helped me find courage to step out of my comfort zone; and even when I did things alone, I always knew there was an army of women behind me in case I needed it.”

Lauren Lewis, reflecting on her semester with Women of Cincy in "The Editorial Residency: The Lewis Learning Curve"

This is where our mentorship program comes in: We want to share everything we’ve learned with you to make that challenge conquerable. Whether it’s through writing, design, photography, marketing, or event planning, we want young women to be a part of the change that brings integrity and social good to the forefront.

“I think it’s really important to be open and be present for people to know that they can come up to you and they can ask questions.”

–Zara Ahmed in an interview with Lindsay Combs for "The Faith of Four UC Women"

“At various points during the interview, trains rattle by the house, and we pause when they whistle their arrival. When they fade into the distance, Budhi continues, sharing with us her love story, journey, and the differences between the life she led in Nepal, and the life she’s created in Cincinnati.”

–Lauren Lewis in her capstone piece "From Nepal to Cincinnati: Budhi Lamichane"

To put this into action, each resident hones in on a capstone they are passionate about, then coordinates and manages their own project. In the past, residents have focused on concepts such as mentorship, immigration, and religion. Each semester brings forth a new batch of ideas that challenge societal norms, expand on popular beliefs, or dive into what it means to live. By the end of the program, each resident will have 15 weeks of experience under their belt on top of a comprehensive capstone project they’ll be able share with family, friends, and future employers.

“You're going to get rejected; you’re going to lose elections. The thing you need to do, number one: Overcome your fear of failure. Then resilience, when you do fail, so you can bounce back quickly.”

–Dr. Jane Sojka, in an interview with Ellen Huggins for "Portraits of Mentorship: Dr. Jane Sojka & Hannah Fereshtehkhou on Confidence in Selling Yourself"

“There were some bumps along the way, as there always are. But this team and this journey has shown me how powerful a network of women can be...I learned a lot about myself, as well. I learned that when you have a passion for something, you need to run for it. When other people have faith in you, use that to push yourself more.”

–Lindsay Combs, on her experience with Women of Cincy in "The Editorial Residency: My Mom Made Me Do It"

Throughout it all Women of Cincy will not only give you a seat at the table, but make sure that when you leave, you’ll have the ability to pull up a seat at any table wherever you go.

“I can now understand that advocacy is something much more, being a voice to many through discussing a business idea, relating over common stresses, and even helping others to build confidence can take shape in a variety of ways.”

–Ellen Huggins in "The Guinea Pig Intern"

If you’re interested in learning a few skills, meetings some cool people, and taking a seat at the Women of Cincy table, apply for our fall residency program by July 20!