Every year, I was a bystander, an observer, an admirer. My hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, has hosted Miss Ohio Week for as long as I can remember, and every year the occasion brought the community together. I’d watch the parade from afar as the women slowly drove by in their convertibles, waving at the crowds of people with their giant Kentucky Derby-style hats and the biggest smiles.

Namaste: the light within me honors the light within you. As yoga instructors, we often make references to various forms of light, acknowledging the beauty we each hold within us. Breathing in the light, being the light, sharing the light. Throughout history, however, women have been conditioned to believe they are beautiful only in their “lightness” – through their speech, their actions, their bodies, their skin. We are to reach for our light like a delicate branch reaching for the sun, silent and still.

Abigail Murrish on Our Midwestern Life

Abigail Murrish is Hoosier turned Ohioan, a born and bred Midwesterner. A year ago, she started a podcast, “Our Midwestern Life,” to tell the stories and share the wisdom of all the people around her. Women of Cincy sat down with Murrish to talk about the podcast, life in Cincinnati, and the differences between the national idea of the Midwest and real life here in the center of the United States.

Women’s History Month was nationally established in 1987 after almost a full decade of lobbying and campaigning for the importance of teaching the significance of women in American society. As recently as 1970, there was zero emphasis on women’s history in schools’ curriculum, or even as a part of general knowledge throughout mainstream society. These are just a few key reasons why the United States annually devotes an entire month to the study and learning of the achievements and societal contributions of women.

Women of Cincy Seeks Graphic Design Resident

Women of Cincy, a community organization dedicated to celebrating and connecting local inspiring women, is searching for a graphic design resident to join our team. Applicants should be a detail-oriented self-starter with a passion for both the Cincinnati community and excellent aesthetics.

The Beauty of Cutting Off All My Hair

Confident and decisive are two words that I would definitely not use to describe myself. I’m infamous for dragging out decisions about everything from what I wear to the grocery store to what I should “do with my life.” I second guess everything.

But in the face of my usual method of agonizing over every decision, I decided to get my hair chopped to a pixie cut on a Sunday, and I got it done five days later.