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when you purchase women of cincy products, you're supporting:

  • In-depth, expertly crafted, badass stories that celebrate Cincinnatians and start conversations on topics from womanhood to gender inclusion to housing insecurity and more

  • Events and community programs that bring Cincinnati together for real relationship building and authentic conversations

  • Diversity, inclusion, and representation initiatives designed to celebrate, engage, and include badass women from all walks of life

  • A mentorship program where six college women in editorial, social media and marketing, and graphic design get the opportunity to grow and build relationships within a socially minded startup community

not to mention our incredible vendor partners:

  • SRO Prints, a local woman-owned printer that provides not only incredible products, but also professional opportunities for adults recovering from drug addiction

  • Bella Canvas, a W.R.A.P.-certified, solar-powered garment supplier committed to US-based and sweatshop-free manufacturing


wondering where your money is going?

When you purchase a $25 classic Women of Cincy T-shirt…

  • …$10.74 covers inventory + fulfillment costs, supporting in turn our awesome partners at SRO Prints and Bella Canvas

  • …$8.89 supports salaries for our full-time employees and stipends for our part-time team directors

  • …$4.88 goes toward company expenses, such as rent, software, and marketing

  • …$0.49 is saved for the future, where we dream our biggest dreams!