Best Inclusive and Supportive Community Group for Women, By Women

"We could all use more good news about female leadership in our lives, especially these days. Enter Women of Cincy, a community group that started in January 2017 to showcase women doing good work and celebrating their achievements via the group’s website and social media accounts."

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Meet the Women of Cincy

"On January 21, 2017, Chelsie Walter, Kiersten Feuchter and Kelsey Johnson attended the local Women's March to capture the words and images of those participating in the event. That was the beginning."

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Cincy Chic

Women of Cincy

"'Sometimes it’s tough to really see one another as individuals; we tend to pigeonhole people into boxes,' says Feuchter. 'So, we all say "all men do this" or "all women are like that." We might have trouble starting new relationships with someone who comes from a different socioeconomic background than us, or whose political ideals don’t quite mesh with our own. The problem is we forget to try to understand them as an individual, and that’s what this kind of storytelling can combat.'"

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