This Is Entrepreneurship


There is no single definition of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs sling drinks, run back and forth to the post office, navigate the scary land of taxes, break glass ceilings, write code, and push boulders uphill. It isn’t easy, but the reward is indescribably cool.

This is what entrepreneurship looks like. Join us as we sit down with some of the many incredible entrepreneurs in our community.

Special thanks to Main Street Ventures for sponsoring this year-long series. Celebration and representation are everything when it comes to lifting as we climb, and we can’t do it alone.


The journey is the job.

When it comes to making something out of nothing, no path looks the same. Every day this week, meet one of Cincinnati’s incredible female-identifying entrepreneurs.


“We’re women. We make it work.“

Khisha Asubuhi

The struggle is real.

Our community chose 12 of the biggest obstacles female-identifying entrepreneurs face today; we found 12 women who spend their days conquering them. Next up on November 2: Katie Taylor on building the right team.



Special thanks to…

Our community focus group

Tessa Clark, designer/founder, Grind and Glaze | Sherry Sims founder/career strategist, Black Career Women’s Network | Chanel Scales, founder, Own Lane | Ella Frye, director, The Women's Business Center Cincinnati | Mauri Griffin, program administrator, The Women's Business Center Cincinnati | Stacy Kessler, Entrepreneurial Strategist & Speaker | Megan Park, co-founder/C.E.O., Putting Women In Their Place, Inc | Christy Pretzinger, president/C.E.O., Writer Girl | Steph Barnard, founder, Memory Dept. | Melis Aydogan, founder, Rüya | Jess Kerr, program manager, Brandery; founder, postwell | Robin Wood Boue, C.E.O./managing director B.H.S. Connect; co-founder, SimplifiAP | Pete Brown, executive director, Main Street Ventures | Chelsie Walter, C.E.O./creative director, Women of Cincy

And our amazing Women of Cincy team.

Another enormous thank you to Main Street Ventures for sponsoring this important work. For more information on sponsorships and supporting Women of Cincy in ways big or small, contact CEO, Chelsie Walter.