Women of Cincy is a collective built to awaken and amplify change-makers.


We are creators, storytellers, and community activators.

We are people of all identities who believe that when we uplift women, we uplift everyone.

We are founded on respect, diversity, and purposeful disruption.

We put empathy to work.


Each of us has a story. Each of us has power.

Change-makers are moms, teachers, and mayors. Change-makers are displaced people and people of means. Change-makers are black and white and brown and gay and trans and whatever the hell they want to be. Change-makers realize their power and decide to do something good with it.

We’re here to inspire and support that good. We believe there’s power:

  • in recognition.

  • in proximity.

  • in great conversation.

  • in creating something that wasn’t there before.

  • in voting.

  • in spending.

  • in friendship.

  • in admitting failure.

  • in confronting what’s not working.

  • in kindness.

  • in asking questions.

  • in giving a damn.

We’re more powerful when everyone is in the room.

Question. Create.

Let’s do it.


We get s*** done.

We interview awesome people and share their stories.

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We create space for interactions that challenge us.

Events | Building

We mentor college students by including them in essential roles in our work.

Residency | Capstones

We’re powered by a family of diverse and driven volunteers.

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We do business like we give a damn.

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How do we make decisions?

We've always held fast to the idea that when you change hearts, you change behaviors and when you change behaviors, you change systems. To create that impact, you need focus. We're guided by four focus areas that we believe help us create the most impact.

1. Promoting inclusive communities
2. Amplifying social equity
3. Building community muscle
4. Expanding pathways for women

Interested in diving a little deeper? Learn more here.