The Women of Cincy Residency:
Mentorship in Action

Applications for our spring/summer 2020 residency are now open! See below for details; apply by Wednesday, November 6.


Women of Cincy is a collective built to awaken and amplify change-makers. Our residency program is aimed towards college students with interests in journalism, communications, graphic design, and multimedia. Young people must be a part of the conversation and a part of the action. We believe in investing in young people by giving them an active role in creating work that exemplifies integrity, quality, and social good.



Cultivating and maintaining content including the resident's own capstone that explores a personal topic of interest


"Networking" in a way that builds meaningful connections with the Women of Cincy team and others through various events


Focusing on the resident's personal and professional goals and finding manageable steps to reach them



Discovering career-driven paths that align with the resident's own passions and ideas to better orient them towards the future


The Residencies

How does the residency work?

The Women of Cincy residency generally spans two semesters. In residents’ first semester, they build skills and establish a deeper understanding for Women of Cincy and their own goals. Their second semester comes with the title of senior resident in which they act as peer mentors to the new residents and continue gaining valuable experience. Capstone projects span both semesters.

Note: Preference will be given to candidates who can commit to two semesters, but applicants who can only commit to one semester are still welcome to apply.

Positions are unpaid, except in glowing references and the chance to build community with a group of amazing Cincinnatians. Check out details for each position below.

Applications for our spring/summer 2020 residency are now open! Apply by Wednesday, November 6. Editorial, communications, and design/multimedia applicants: Submit a resume, cover letter, and sample of relevant work to Residency Director Kiersten Wones ( Put the name of a famous woman you admire in the subject line.

Editorial Residents

10 regular hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
5 flexible hours/week working remotely or attending events

  • Write, fact-check, edit, and build content

  • Generate posts for social media from editorial content

  • Assist editor-in-chief with new ideas and projects

  • Various administrative tasks that include website maintenance, organizing contact info, and more

  • Manage and create an independent capstone project of your choosing, such as an interview series, creative piece, oral history, etc.

Communications Residents

10 hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
5 hours/week working remotely or attending events

  • Write, manage, and schedule social media content

  • Grow and interact with social media communities through all social media platforms

  • Assist creative director in building and maintaining the social media calendar

  • Maintain Instagram story

  • Build weekly and monthly newsletters

  • Assist directors with new communications ideas and strategies

  • Research social media and website analytics and use data to inform current communications strategies

  • Capstone project

Multimedia/Graphic Design Resident

10 hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
5 hours/week working remotely or attending events


  • Have at least 3 years of design school completed

  • Be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

  • Have your own computer and Adobe Creative Suite

  • Photography skills are a plus, but not required

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Create graphics for social media posts and newsletters

  • Select photography for online content and social media posts

  • Build posts for the Women of Cincy site

  • Create identities for new Women of Cincy initiatives, both print and online

  • Brainstorm, design, and execute an interdisciplinary project working alongside the creative director and fellow residents


Meet the Residents


Kiersten Wones
Residency Director

Kiersten is passionate about challenging “the way things have always been done”; investing in young people; music; culture; and all things Cincy. When she’s not at the office, you can find her chasing her 4-year-old son; behind the bar at the iconic Blind Lemon; or singing at bars and cafes around Cincinnati.


Karina Baffa
Editorial |
Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Karina is a senior at UC navigating her way through a journalism degree. Her love for writing and passion for the community is what led her here today. When she’s off the clock, you can find her tending to her house plants, spending copious amounts of time on her skincare routine, or trying to get used to this whole Oxford comma thing.

Capstone: For my capstone, I wanted to choose a topic that would challenge me, make me look at something in a different way, and shine light on an important issue. After reading Women of Cincy’s housing insecurity series, I decided to look at gentrification in Over-the-Rhine.


Maggie Heath-Bourne
Communications | Spring 2019

Maggie is a Cincinnati-based writer and photographer. Originally from the great barbecue city of Memphis, she came to the Queen City for the UC degree and stayed for basically everything else. When her hands aren’t busy holding a camera or typing, they’re probably busy baking something.


Leigh Ann Popik
Communications |
Spring 2019

Leigh Ann grew up in Cleveland, but found her home away from home at the University of Cincinnati. She recently graduated with a degree in marketing and plans to move to New York City to follow in the footsteps of Don Draper (minus the scandals). Her natural curiosity for learning new things means she is always exploring a new hobby. Currently, she is learning how to play the piano!

Kate Ducey.png

Kate Ducey
Head Resident | Fall 2018
Editorial | Summer 2018

Kate is a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying communication and marketing. She has a love for exclamation points, dogs, Cincinnati, books, social justice, and trees. Kate's ultimate dream job will forever continue to be a dog walker, but for now she hopes to work for nonprofit post graduation.

Capstone: My capstone was all about helping people see their day-to-day lives in a different light


Hayley Champion
Communications |
Summer/Fall 2019

Hayley is an avid audiobook listener and a firm believer that “stories can save you.” She enjoys the outdoors, vegetarian cooking, and road trips. Her passions for furthering equality and actuating change drive her to be her best self. She stays afloat by finding the humor in everything.  


Olivia Taylor
Editorial | Summer/Fall 2019

Olivia is a senior at the University of Cincinnati careening toward a journalism major and electronic media and history minors. The supportive and passionate community surrounding Women of Cincy led her to this residency. In her spare time, she can be found playing with her cat, advocating for the Oxford comma, reading medieval history, or rewatching “The Great British Baking Show.”


Erin Glynn
Editorial |Summer 2019

Erin is a Covington resident and a senior at Miami University studying global politics and journalism. Her love of the Queen City and untold stories led her to Women of Cincy. She spends her free time devouring romantic books and movies, and falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes.


Natalie Heisser
Communications |
Summer/Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Natalie is a freshman at Miami University studying accounting. Her passion for supporting and uplifting others in the community led her to the Women of Cincy team. Caffeine fuels her, but her friends and family motivate her to accomplish her goals.


Stephanie Smith
Editorial |
Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Stephanie is a super senior (and a first generation student) at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in journalism with minors in electronic media and English. Her time as a clerk and assistant web editor at the Cincinnati Post inspired her to return to school in 2014 to finally finish her degree and get back into a newsroom. When she’s not working on her digital journalism skills, she’s writing about beer and binging on Hallmark movies.


Ally Lim
Communications | Summer 2018

Ally, a Cleveland native, is currently a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying communication and public relations. She has a passion for fashion (especially OTR’s boutiques), enjoys holding puppies, and prefers to be on a beach reading a romance novel. As a lover of food, Ally hopes to travel the world and try every culture’s cuisine one day.

Capstone: My capstone involved the completion of Instagram highlights that are categorized by Women of Cincy's pillars: storytelling, community, collaboration, and mentorship. I also created Instagram story guidelines for the next social media resident to enhance the engagement and impressions on Instagram.


Lindsay Combs
Head Resident | Summer/Fall 2018
Editorial | Spring 2018

Lindsay is a Cincinnati native and Covington resident entering her final year studying journalism at UC, while finishing accidental minors in communication and psychology. She is a taco enthusiast with a passion for writing, Skyline, showtunes, and Harry Potter marathons.

Capstone: My capstone was an open conversation with four college women regarding their faith, how to be open to others, and how they tackle conversations about faith in the current society.


Davi Hutchins
Editorial | Fall 2019

Davi is a senior at the University of Cincinnati, preparing to graduate with a degree in English with a focus on creative writing. Outside of the office, Davi can be found participating in local community theatre, getting lost in a Jane Austen novel, working on various craft projects, or re-watching “Friends” for the zillionth time.


Olivia Vitori
Communications |
Summer 2019

Olivia is a Queen City native and devoted lover of dogs, Skyline, and all things Bearcats. She is a communication major at U.C., pursuing certificates in digital engagement and deaf studies. While off the clock you can usually find her binging “New Girl” on Netflix or with friends wandering the city.  


Samantha Knight
Graphic Design/Multimedia |
Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Samantha is a junior at U.C. studying electronic media. Her interest in design and production led her to Women of Cincy and the supportive community of women kept her there. When she’s not playing with her cat, she’s bingeing “Chef’s Table.”


Lauren Lewis
Head Resident | Summer/Fall 2018
Editorial | Spring 2018

Lauren is currently a fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati studying international affairs and creative writing. She drinks copious amounts of tea and buys too many books. In her free time she enjoys pinning decorative DIYs on Pinterest, writing numerous stories, and sharing plenty of embarrassing, but funny mishaps with the people around her.

Capstone: For my capstone project, I interviewed three women from Syria, Mexico, and Nepal about their journey to Cincinnati and then wrote a literary nonfiction piece about their stories.


Emerin Boomer
Editorial | Summer 2019

Emerin is entering her senior year studying history and environmental studies at Xavier University, but she is originally from Nashville -- and she spends a lot of time in Colorado. Her passions include reading, dancing, making playlists, and Westerns. You can usually find her eating frozen yogurt or wearing platform boots.

Lizzie Geraghty.jpg

Lizzy Geraghty
Graphic Design | Summer 2018

Lizzy is a native Cincinnatian and a student in University of Cincinnati’s urban planning program. She joined the Women of Cincy in the summer of 2018 as a graphic design resident. Her passions include photography, graphic design, and sustainability, and she loves meeting new people.


Ellen Huggins
Residency Director | Summer/Fall 2018
Head Resident | Spring 2018
Editorial | Fall 2017

Ellen is an opinionated morning person and a recent U.C. grad. Originally from Columbus, she loves exploring Cincinnati, making playlists on Spotify, and cooking vegetarian-friendly dinners.

Capstone: My capstone was a series on students pursuing different goals, personally and professionally, to discover what makes the role of mentorship in their lives so special.