The Women of Cincy Residency:
Mentorship in Action


Women of Cincy is a collective built to awaken and amplify change-makers. Our residency program is aimed towards college students with interests in journalism, communications, graphic design, and multimedia. Young people must be a part of the conversation and a part of the action. We believe in investing in young people by giving them an active role in creating work that exemplifies integrity, quality, and social good.



Cultivating and maintaining content including the resident's own capstone that explores a personal topic of interest


"Networking" in a way that builds meaningful connections with the Women of Cincy team and others through various events


Focusing on the resident's personal and professional goals and finding manageable steps to reach them



Discovering career-driven paths that align with the resident's own passions and ideas to better orient them towards the future


The Residencies

How does the residency work?

The Women of Cincy residency generally spans two semesters. In residents’ first semester, they build skills and establish a deeper understanding for Women of Cincy and their own goals. Their second semester comes with the title of senior resident in which they act as peer mentors to the new residents and continue gaining valuable experience. Capstone projects span both semesters.

Positions are unpaid, except in glowing references and the chance to build community with a group of amazing Cincinnatians. Check out details for each position below.

We’re currently accepting applications for all positions for the summer/fall residency. Email your resume and cover letter to Residency Director Kiersten Feuchter at Include the name of a famous woman you admire in the subject line.

Editorial Residents

10 regular hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
5 flexible hours/week working remotely or attending events

  • Fact-check, edit, and build content

  • Generate posts for social media from editorial content

  • Assist editor-in-chief and student editor-in-chief with new ideas and projects

  • Various administrative tasks that include website maintenance, organizing contact info, and more

  • Manage and create an independent capstone project of your choosing, such as an interview series, creative piece, oral history, etc.

Communications Resident

10 hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
5 hours/week working remotely or attending events

  • Generate and schedule social media content

  • Assist directors in maintaining the quality of posts written by the social media team

  • Grow and interact with social media communities through all social media platforms

  • Assist creative director in building and maintaining the social media calendar

  • Maintain Instagram story

  • Build weekly and monthly newsletters

  • Assist directors with new communications ideas and strategies

  • Research social media and website analytics and use data to inform current communications strategies

  • Capstone project

Graphic Design Resident

8 hours/week onsite at Union Hall in Over-the-Rhine
2-4 hours/week working remotely or attending events


  • Have at least 3 years of design school completed

  • Be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

  • Have your own computer and Adobe Creative Suite

  • Photography skills are a plus, but not required

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Create typesets and graphics for social media posts and newsletters

  • Build posts for the Women of Cincy site

  • Create identities for new Women of Cincy initiatives

  • Lead the design of a large-scale project working alongside the creative director to brainstorm, design, and execute


Meet the Residents


Kiersten Feuchter
Residency Director

Kiersten is a writer by trade and fell in love with words at a young age, but as an entrepreneur, she found her hidden talent was an unshakable drive to make things happen. She’s constantly seeking the courage to be her realest self and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Her loves include a crazy toddler, caffeine, bad crime shows, songwriting, and all things Cincinnati.


Karina Baffa
Editorial Resident
Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Guilty pleasure: Putting an embarrassing amount of time and energy into my skincare routine

Favorite part of being a resident: Surrounding myself with supportive, dedicated women empowers me to be the best I can be! It has been a breath of fresh air to work alongside women whose passions and intentions lie within bettering our community.

Maggie Heath-Bourne

Maggie Heath-Bourne
Graduate Communications Resident
Spring 2019

Guilty pleasure: There’s no guilt in loving Twizzlers.

Favorite part of being a resident: Doing great work with great women.

Kate Ducey.png

Kate Ducey
Head Resident | Fall 2018
Editorial Resident | Summer 2018

Guilty pleasure: Cheesy romantic comedies or Skyline Chili!

Favorite part of being a resident: I've really enjoyed meeting everyone, hanging out with George Michael, and getting to read all of the amazing stories about incredible women doing really cool things in Cincinnati!

Capstone: My capstone was all about helping people see their day-to-day lives in a different light


Stephanie Smith
Editorial Resident
Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Guilty pleasure: I got sucked back into “Days of Our Lives” this summer, thanks to the Ciara and Ben storyline. I’m a sucker for redemption stories, and I’m really, really, really curious how a serial killer is going to be redeemed.

Favorite part of being a resident: As someone who was born, raised and has spent most of her life in Cincinnati, I’ve become oblivious to what the city has to offer. I’m grateful to be around those who are passionate about Cincinnati; their passion is helping me see it with fresh eyes.


Lindsay Combs
Head Resident | Summer/Fall 2018
Editorial Resident | Spring 2018

Guilty pleasure: Skyline Chili Ranch is my pride and joy

Favorite part of being a resident: I love the network of women that Women of Cincy has built for me. It’s been incredible to see all the work put into every piece and it has helped me to grow as a writer and just simply as a human!

Capstone: My capstone was an open conversation with four college women regarding their faith, how to be open to others, and how they tackle conversations about faith in the current society.


Ally Lim
Social Media Resident | Summer 2018

Guilty pleasure: Romance novels

Favorite part of being a resident: Bonding with the incredible women that make up Women of Cincy, and witnessing the growth of the organization

Capstone: My capstone involved the completion of Instagram highlights that are categorized by Women of Cincy's pillars: storytelling, community, collaboration, and mentorship. I also created Instagram story guidelines for the next social media resident to enhance the engagement and impressions on Instagram.


Samantha Knight
Graphic Design Resident
Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Guilty pleasure: Eating an entire container of hummus in one sitting.

Favorite part of being a resident: To be included in a passionate and motivated team of women whose goals align with mine is so inspiring. The environment is very welcoming and I’m excited to see the growth and impacts of this organization.


Lauren Lewis
Head Resident | Summer/Fall 2018
Editorial Resident | Spring 2018

Guilty pleasure: Tony Packo's Really Chunky Dill Pickles: They don't sell them here, so every time I go back home, I try to buy them or sneak the jar out of the fridge.

Favorite part of being a resident: Each month brings something new that I love, but so far, I've enjoyed being in on the behind-the-scenes decisions with a group of amazing women – plus our Harry Potter discussions.

Capstone: For my capstone project, I interviewed three women from Syria, Mexico, and Nepal about their journey to Cincinnati and then wrote a literary nonfiction piece about their stories.

Lizzie Geraghty.jpg

Lizzy Geraghty
Graphic Design Resident | Summer 2018

Guilty pleasure: Peanut butter all day everyday. Taking long walks while listening to a podcast.

Favorite part of being a resident: Being at Union Hall and meeting people who are making a difference in their community by simply sharing their story with others. I also love how our work is collaborative. It takes a lot of people to develop what people see on social media or the website.

Overall projects: The majority of the projects I have done have been related to helping people see through design or photography how meaningful Women of Cincy truly is.