The Guinea Pig Intern

guinea pig intern.jpg

Reflecting on this past fall semester of my senior year, I had the privilege to work alongside a similarly passionate and outgoing group of "lady bosses" at Women of Cincy. We joked throughout calling me the "guinea pig," being the first ever intern they've had, as I got to test out the various tasks and story ideas. I got to develop myself in professional skills and technical abilities in a supportive, collaborative environment that I cannot imagine gaining elsewhere. These skills will prove to take me much further career-wise, but I was also able to surprise myself with new insights and perspectives that affect everyday women throughout this experience.

Women's advocacy efforts have always been important to me and I had found myself carrying out this passion through political campaigns and direct efforts to support women's health organizations. However, I can now understand that advocacy is something much more, being a voice to many through discussing a business idea, relating over common stresses, and even helping others to build confidence can take shape in a variety of ways. It seems the most prevalent way this can be accomplished in our day and age is through social media platforms and engaging stories, which Women of Cincy provides to all that will listen. 

I plan to continue staying involved with the Women of Cincy team in various ways to continue to fuel the drive I have found here. Aside from the tangible goals I've accomplished, I also feel more confident in myself and my abilities in order to reach my full potential in any role. I can say that I have a better idea of who I am and what I bring to the table. 


Ellen Huggins