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Ask Cincinnati: The Heartbeat Bill

This article – a response to our open-ended group project assignment as Women of Cincy residents – was a complex undertaking, but we find these perspectives are a necessary part of the broader conversation of abortion in America. Abortion is a complicated issue with deeply emotional stakes, and the fate of Roe v. Wade could be determined in our backyard. The recent coverage of this issue has been lacking the voices of Ohioans and we want to change that.

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Read and Reflect: It’s magic, and I made it myself

If you know me well – and I mean really know me – you know that I think way too much about what others think about me. I’m one of those people who needs words of affirmation from others. I listen to what others say way more than I should. When I finished reading #GIRLBOSS, this was more evident to me than before – and it was already pretty evident to me then.

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Read and Reflect: Giving people power has sucked the soul out of me

As digital editor at my college’s newspaper, I manage our social media and keep our website up-to-date and looking sharp. Anyone who manages social media for a business or an organization has encountered their share of trolls. There are mornings when I hop on Twitter and see notifications in the double digits. More often than not, the notifications are innocent, but recently, we’ve encountered a truly special troll.

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Read and Reflect: Embracing the Unknown

There is solace in the solutions science uncovers. We all have an urge, at times motivated by fear, to understand the unknown. But we are human beings, and our experience on Earth is artistic, expressive, and subjective. Lows allow us to feel highs; growth forces us to change whether we want to or not; and in the midst of all this noise, if we’re quiet enough to hear, the whispers of our intuition guide us.

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Read and Reflect: The Ego-Driven Mind

As human beings, it’s in our nature to construct our own identity, one that may not necessarily be accurate. These self-constructed egos play out in many ways throughout our daily lives. For instance, when you’re in a rut and you see someone succeed, your first instinct can be to feel bitter or angry at them. But you’re not actually angry at them, you’re just subconsciously allowing your ego to step in the way as a reflection of your own insecurities.

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The #SerendipityScrapbook

Fulfillment is a three syllable word whose definition resulted in me having several existential crises and muttering the phrase, “I will never find fulfillment” on more than one occasion. For my capstone, I decided to research fulfillment and after defining it, speak to people who felt they had found fulfillment. I hoped to learn how to make the best of my senior year of college and set myself up for fulfillment success. But as I began researching the topic, I realized that no one has really defined what fulfillment is. Some articles involved 30-year-olds talking about how they had found it, where others mentioned that you cannot find fulfillment unless you are near the end of your life and looking back on it.

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#SerendipityScrapbook Challenge

Hello! My name is Kate Ducey and I am the current editorial resident here at Women of Cincy. 

Part of being a resident is completing a capstone, so for my capstone, I've decided to reach out to Women of Cincy readers! 

My capstone is titled "The Serendipity Scrapbook" and it is all about getting people to look at their everyday lives differently through a series of small challenges.

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From Mexico to Cincinnati: Angelica Perez

Angelica greets us with a smile and a toddler on her hip. The little boy, who I later find out is named David, keeps tapping her cheek as we climb up the stairs. I marvel at her ability to balance the active toddler and climb three flights of steps. Her journey to the U.S. began 16 years ago, and if one thing stands out among those 16 years, it’s the moments of family she’s experienced.

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Portraits of Mentorship: Mandy Shoemaker & Alesha Hamilton on Giving Life a Shot

With only one semester of her undergraduate education to go before heading to law school, Alesha has been lucky to find not only role models, but also important friendships among advisors and other students. Mandy, her University of Cincinnati Honors Program advisor, finds inspiration among Alesha and other students who push themselves outside of their comfort zones. The two have grown together over the past few years and helped each other in ways they wouldn’t have imagined, expanding the typical roles of the mentor-mentee relationship.

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