The One With the Wine of the Month


What’s up, friends? I’ve noticed that every time I find myself writing these letters to all of you, I am always drinking a glass of wine. So here is my whine of the month while drinking my wine of the month.

I recently got back from a trip to Gatlinburg. It was quite possibly the most relaxing trip of my life and I would give anything to go back. While I was there, I checked out Old Smoky Moonshine and obviously ended up leaving with moonshine pickles. I really love pickles. Right next door, there was a sign for “Free Samples!” at a store that simply said “WINE” in big, capital letters. There’s honestly no better way to lure me in than with those two signs.

So I tried three wines and two ciders from the place I soon found out was named Bootleggers Homemade Wine. I walked out with a bottle of raspberry wine and a delicious, crisp pineapple cider. And as a result, this month’s letter is brought to you by that amazing raspberry wine and a night in need of some writing.

The week before I left for my Gatlinburg trip, I was sitting in Union Hall with Kiersten and, per usual, couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat. I did what I always do and called my boyfriend to give him the three options I was deciding between and make him decide. Kiersten burst out laughing and simply told me to hang up the phone and read that week’s article for the residents.

It was titled “Is There Anybody Out There?” but the U.R.L. read “notorious-crowd-sourcer.”

(I’m starting to think these weekly articles are picked just to call me out.)

I am somebody that likes to ask others what they think I should do with most decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I am fairly independent. But aside from asking my boyfriend and boss what I should eat for lunch, I have recently started to allow others to influence much bigger decisions I’m facing.

This became most evident when I found myself applying for full-time jobs. I have had a list of cities that are possibilities for my new home after graduation. Initially it was only five cities: Austin, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle. I was content with those cities. Then I started talking to people about life after graduation and what cities I would thrive in and if I was really picking the right cities. My friends often jokingly told me to move somewhere that they can add to their vacation list. My mom immediately started pushing Washington D.C., so I added that one to my list. My dad has started pushing Nashville and Charleston and Asheville and all the cities he would want to live in, so I added those ones as possibilities. I stopped thinking about what kind of place I wanted to live and started just applying to any place that was in a city that someone else mentioned. I literally stopped applying to jobs in Portland because someone else said, “Oh, never move there. You’ll hate it out there.”

I crowdsourced so hard for help and information about where to live after graduation that I forgot what I actually was looking for in the first place.

It’s okay to crowdsource sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay if I’m truly struggling that much to decide what to eat for lunch. But crowdsourcing for a decision on my future? And forgetting that it’s just that: my future? Not exactly the best idea.

So I sat down one day and wrote down what I wanted out of my future home and career. I focused on myself and my life and my happiness. What is the point in moving to a city that my dad or mom loves if it’s not what I want? What’s the point of applying for a job that I have zero interest in because someone told me they heard it was a great experience?

I still don’t have a new home after graduation. I’m still applying to jobs. I graduate in one month and I will probably crowdsource where I should go for my celebration dinner. But, I won’t crowdsource for my least not the big decisions!

I challenge you all this month to take time to assess your crowdsourcing habits. Are you focusing more on making others happy than yourself? Are you allowing others to make the big decisions for you?

If so, take a step back. Shift your focus back on yourself. Be a little selfish! After all, it is your life, no one else’s.

Peace & Blessings as always,