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Carla Walker: 'Think big; follow through'

Solopreneur strategist and C.E.O. of think BIG strategies, Carla Walker, welcomed us into her downtown office and out of the busy streets and Opening Day crowds. As the hours stretched into the late afternoon, our conversation traveled from harnessing interests in professional life and strengthening international relationships to morning rituals and the moments in life that change everything.

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‘We were the young people’: Rasleen Krupp on Youth, Activism, and Change

At just 18, Rasleen Krupp is already a political activist with an impressive list of accomplishments. She has spoken in front of thousands at Cincinnati’s Women’s March. She organized the walkout at her high school, joining thousands of other schools as they raised their collective voices to memorialize those killed in Parkland and protest for stricter gun control legislation. And she formed The Young Activists Coalition to offer a place for young people to get involved. That coalition organized the March for Our Lives and continues to hold events to educate and give a voice to teens.  

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Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Heather Willins

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon when I walked into The Overlook Lodge. I was so nervous, but as soon as I got there, I was greeted with a warm smile and a hug from Heather Willins. Heather is a team member on Women of Cincy who basically does it all. She is a Ravenclaw, wants to be in “Gilmore Girls,” and is also a fierce advocate for many issues of social justice.

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On Second Thought: Let’s Catch up With Megan Park

Roughly seven months after we last talked with Megan Park, we spent a beautiful April morning at the Ivy Hills Country Club catching up with the producer and storyteller and experiencing her project Putting Women in Their Place in action. Putting Women in Their Place is project that produces campaign videos for progressive, pro-choice women running from office. We met with Megan – in the midst of shooting videos for several candidates – to catch up on her many exciting projects, motherhood, and more.

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On Second Thought: Let’s Catch up with Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard

Life has changed just a bit for President Pro Tem of Cincinnati City Council Tamaya Dennard since we last talked with her in August 2017. During her campaign for City Council, she became famous for quoting Shirley Chisholm: “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

A few weeks later, we walked down to City Hall on a hot day to catch up with Dennard on life at City Hall, the ups and the downs, and what the folding chair means to her today.

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Leslie Stevenson: Building a Council on Community

Leslie Stevenson made history last year when she became the first African American to run for City Council in Norwood. And in November, Norwood voters made history when they elected her, the first African American Council member in the city’s 129-year history.

Women of Cincy recently had a chance to talk with Stevenson about Norwood’s past and present, and how her work in the nonprofit sector led her to public service.

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Rachel Roberts: Leap and Trust

A happy childhood didn’t keep Rachel Roberts from leaving her hometown of Cincinnati the moment high school was over. From her start as a ski bum and whitewater rafting guide to her positions in the corporate world, she built a life in Colorado that hit all the adult milestones – some good, some not so good. She married, divorced, and discovered yoga. But it was on a solo trip around the world where she finally found her future and her way back home.

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Yvette Simpson: The Power of We

St. Monica’s Recreation Center in Lincoln Heights is quiet. It’s early on Friday afternoon and school hasn’t let out yet, but in just an hour or so, local kids will be filling the halls, starting games of ping-pong, and climbing on the enormous indoor playground that makes us want to put down our cameras and notebooks and just play. But Yvette Simpson, city councilwoman and candidate for mayor, is here to tell us her story. She opens a soda – a “pick-me-up,” she says, after a long day of meetings running over. I tell her we’re excited to get to know Yvette – the woman, not just the candidate – and she laughs. “You mean you’re interested in me?”

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22 City Council Candidates and the Women Who Inspired Them

The 2017 race for City Council will draw to a close in just two weeks. Twenty-four candidates, including six incumbents, are looking to fill nine seats, and before you visit the ballot box on November 7, we thought you might like to see a personal side of each council hopeful. We asked each candidate: “Tell us about an influential woman in your life and how her influence will affect your approach to government.” Their responses brought us hope.

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