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Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Gina Regan

As a Women of Cincy resident, I got to choose and interview a team member about their life and work. As I sifted through profiles on our Meet the Team page, Gina immediately stood out with a history major at Xavier. I, too, am a history major at Xavier and am constantly seeking inspiration for what to do once I graduate in May. Gina is the sales director for Women of Cincy as well as a developer and fundraiser for the Corporation for Findlay Market. We met on a sunny day in Washington Park, and Gina’s bubbly, cheery, and hilarious personality made for lots of fun and laughter as the day waned and music and people built into the lively atmosphere.

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Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Dani Clark

Preparing to interview Dani Clark was a little stressful for me – I’d been told she’s an exceptionally good interviewer. I wondered how the role-switching would feel for us, but I needn’t have been worried. Her relaxed demeanor and the care with which she responded to each question left me in awe. I was impressed by how thoughtful and purposeful she is. Curious to the core, she couldn’t stop herself from asking our photographer, Katie, and I what our responses would have been to my questions.

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Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Heather Willins

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon when I walked into The Overlook Lodge. I was so nervous, but as soon as I got there, I was greeted with a warm smile and a hug from Heather Willins. Heather is a team member on Women of Cincy who basically does it all. She is a Ravenclaw, wants to be in “Gilmore Girls,” and is also a fierce advocate for many issues of social justice.

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