Posts in September 2019
Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Dani Clark

Preparing to interview Dani Clark was a little stressful for me – I’d been told she’s an exceptionally good interviewer. I wondered how the role-switching would feel for us, but I needn’t have been worried. Her relaxed demeanor and the care with which she responded to each question left me in awe. I was impressed by how thoughtful and purposeful she is. Curious to the core, she couldn’t stop herself from asking our photographer, Katie, and I what our responses would have been to my questions.

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Scenes from the City: Michele Burroughs

With summer energy pulsing, Cincinnati is more than just a heatwave. The possibility of good moments seems to be swelling, just as my heart did when I heard about Michele Burroughs. A long word-of-mouth grapevine of coworkers, mothers with a hunger for caffeine, and my frequent eavesdropping paid off in the best way. After learning about Michele’s journey establishing a Pleasant Ridge caffeine gem a few months ago, I knew I wanted to make time to hear her story.

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Julie LeMaster: Fighting for Immigrants in Cincinnati and Beyond

Earlier this summer, we checked in with Julie Leftwich LeMaster, co-founder of the Immigrant & Refugee Law Center based out of Roberts Paideia Academy. With immigration and asylum seekers being a hot button issue right now, the I.R.L.C. is growing exponentially as the need for immigrant and refugee services increases. Julie’s story was so inspiring we decided to extend it and show our readers why she is one of Cincinnati’s most badass legal women.

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