bombASSbabes Session 3

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BombASSbabes is a mini-series celebrating the tenacious broads of Cincinnati. The short films explore a sundry of hobbies, skills, and enthusiasms women choose to pour their creative energy into.

The hope is to expose what it means to live in tensions between vulnerable and unapologetic, tender and rooted, humble and bold, plus the millions more we call upon ourselves as we seek balance.

BombASSbabes welcomes trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people.


Jaclin Hastings talks about tattooing and the art of letting go. 

Take in more of her beautiful art at @jgracetattoo.  

Biz writes: why is Jaclin a babe. Jaclin once poked ink into my skin and I loved every moment. We met through a mutual friend who raved about Jaclin until I had to figure out why and finally hit her up. During our very first hangout, Jaclin spoke with such honesty and openness that I couldn't help but be drawn in. Her unbelievable poise and grace were somehow still outshined by her immense warmth – and trust me when I say I'm not even sure how that's possible because damn, she's got grace! Beyond her charm and her artistic talents as a tattoo artist, Jaclin radiates something special, and I feel honored to have a little (permanent) reminder of her babeliness.

Jaclin writes: why she's a babe. I try to view myself from the outside. Not as an outsider, but as a friend to myself. What do I admire in others? Turn jealousy into admiration and motivation.

I push myself to keep learning. I love myself when I’m in the act of pushing.  I don’t ever want to stop. My babeliness is a product of the way I choose to move through this life.

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