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Scenes From the City: Laurie Lambert

I always feel strange about reading up on a woman I have never met but will meet soon; I feel like a sleuth. But, after reading Laurie Lambert’s story, I didn’t need a detective wool hat to decide who owned this specific car. The mothering, bold, poetic Laurie Lambert opened the third entrance door to Women Writing for a Change moments later and confessed to the triplet bumper sticker, a-ha!

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Scenes from the City: Homeadow Song Farm’s Vicki Mansoor

As soon as I pull up to Homeadow Song Farm, I know the homestead is no stranger to me; the energy is too welcoming and sweet. I step out of my pollen-covered Corolla, trip on a rock, look around with my mouth agape, and see Vicki Mansoor looking at me as she walks down the stairs.

Vicki is the natural beauty of the land, disguised as a human being. I feel unnatural with a camera hanging from my neck: There is just no way to capture that kind of beauty. Not even words can, but I will try to explain.

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Scenes from the City: Emily Maxwell

When I say Emily is something else, I mean it. I decide this after she tells me she changed her middle name to Killer Whale in the second grade. Killer whale, Egyptologist, zoologist – these were the dream jobs of Emily Maxwell, and I think she is achieving them in her own way. Emily has been able to pursue a lot of her passions through writing and photographing for CityBeat, and now WCPO. She is a photojournalist and hiker by day, and I am convinced she is a killer whale by night.

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Scenes from the City: Bonnie Rupe

Light shines through a window glistening with raindrops onto a spread of blank pages I hope to fill with notes about a woman I met by chance. Bonnie Rupe sits across from me in the coffee shop, a radiating example of true light and passion. Over tea, we talk about travel, generation gaps, her degrees in French and English, and I’m thinking I will need many more blank pages to get everything down.

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