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Women of Cincy Gift Guide: Fall 2018

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been a huge fan of summer. While others may yearn for sunshine and swimming pools, I’m all about the crisp autumn air, changing of leaves, and the feeling of getting back into the swing of things. And if the annual pumpkin spice latte craze says anything, it’s that I’m definitely not alone in this.

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Elizabeth Geraghty on Gender Inclusion + the Catholic Church: It’s Complicated

Growing up in a Catholic family and going to Catholic school for primary education and high school shaped my foundation on the values of openness, community, and hospitality. “Safety” is a word I would use to describe it.

The first instance of gender inclusion – or rather, exclusion – that I experienced was when our parish priest came into our classroom in second grade.

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Let’s Celebrate Failure + Try Again

I met a new client today for the first time. She’s 12, and wicked smart, and struggling big time with anxiety. Her parents hired me to teach her mindfulness and breath techniques to use in times of distress. During the conversation, I asked her a question, and her response made me take pause. I thought, “This small, badass girl will change the world someday – that is, if a learned mindset doesn’t get in her way.”

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Stories Behind the Booze: The Listing Loon’s Beth Harris

“Is it ever too early in the day to enjoy a glass of rosé?” This is the question we kept posing to ourselves as we sat at the bar in The Listing Loon, with Beth Harris graciously filling our glasses as lunchtime crowds passed by outside the Northside staple. Normally a nighttime visitor, I took advantage of the sunlight peeping in to observe the beautiful artwork and items adorning the walls. I honestly could not think of a more fitting spot for the courageous and eclectic spirit that is Beth Harris. Wine glass in hand, we chatted away about growing up on a small children’s theater stage in Arkansas, opening up The Listing Loon six years ago, and touring the country with a bunch of badass, musical females.

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Scenes from the City: Homeadow Song Farm’s Vicki Mansoor

As soon as I pull up to Homeadow Song Farm, I know the homestead is no stranger to me; the energy is too welcoming and sweet. I step out of my pollen-covered Corolla, trip on a rock, look around with my mouth agape, and see Vicki Mansoor looking at me as she walks down the stairs.

Vicki is the natural beauty of the land, disguised as a human being. I feel unnatural with a camera hanging from my neck: There is just no way to capture that kind of beauty. Not even words can, but I will try to explain.

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