bombASSbabes Session 4

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BombASSbabes is a mini-series celebrating the tenacious broads of Cincinnati. The short films explore a sundry of hobbies, skills, and enthusiasms women choose to pour their creative energy into.

The hope is to expose what it means to live in tensions between vulnerable and unapologetic, tender and rooted, humble and bold, plus the millions more we call upon ourselves as we seek balance.

BombASSbabes welcomes trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people.


Emily Ash performing an acapella cover of "Come Sunday.”

Listen to more of her beautiful voice at her Bandcamp.

Biz writes: why is Emily a babe. Emily and I go way back. Years after meeting in high school, we ended up together in the same Cincy music scene and rekindled our love. Almost every single show I go to, I am dead certain I'll see Emily there. Not only does she give unwavering support to so many people we both love, but there's a 100% chance that she'll have a good story or something hilarious to say that will make me accidentally laugh beer through my nose. Emily is a babe for so many reasons, partly because she seriously rocks glitter lipstick, partly because her voice will make you cry (see video above), and partly because she writes the best Instagram captions.  

Emily writes: why she's a babe. As a person with a lifelong disability, I feel like I'm able to see things from a unique vantage point. I'm endlessly curious and passionate about people, and I feel like my experience as a disabled person has allowed me to connect with others in a really special, meaningful way.

Check out other bombASSbabes videos here and stay tuned for more episodes on the third Saturday of every month!

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