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‘Be okay with not being okay’: Allie McLaughlin on Mental Health, Addiction, and Cincinnati Renewed Wellness

The co-founder of Cincinnati Renewed Wellness has a lot of letters behind her name – L.P.C.C. stands for “Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor”; L.I.C.D.C. means “Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor” – but McLaughlin’s dreams and approach to wellness go far beyond our traditional expectations in the world of mental health.

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Eisha Armstrong: Building a Community of Women in Product

Five minutes on the phone with Eisha Armstrong, partner and co-founder of Vecteris, a startup product management consultancy, and I feel at ease. “When people talk about product management,” she tells me, “they talk about the intersection of technology, user experience, and business acumen.” But Armstrong and her triple-threat cohort of female founders believe there’s more to it than that. In a city bubbling over with potential and promise in the world of tech, this is a conversation that we should all be having.

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Why Does Women's History Month Matter?

Women’s History Month was nationally established in 1987 after almost a full decade of lobbying and campaigning for the importance of teaching the significance of women in American society. As recently as 1970, there was zero emphasis on women’s history in schools’ curriculum, or even as a part of general knowledge throughout mainstream society. These are just a few key reasons why the United States annually devotes an entire month to the study and learning of the achievements and societal contributions of women.

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