Women of Cincy Is Fundraising


In 2017, this organization unfolded – quite by accident – with a mission to celebrate and create opportunities for every local woman. We’ve grown because you’ve chosen to support those women with your time, deciding every week to give a damn about their stories, events, and community.

Now, we’re asking for a little more. If you’ve fallen in love with our weekly Women of Cincy and other daily content; monthly events and Boozy Hours; seasonal What Is A Woman? podcast; editorial mentorship program; or simply our mission as a whole, well, it costs money to do it all – and to do it well.

And don't worry: Nothing is going to change. You might see a post like this every once in a while, but our passion is as powerful as ever.

How can you get involved?

Reader support

It’s easy: Click a button and give. You can offer your long-term support with a recurring contribution, or you can give once. No amount is too little; every contribution is another piece that will build up this team and the ever-growing community of women that we serve. Every interview, photograph, and event will be our “thank you” to you.


We’ve grown exponentially in just over one year, reaching tens of thousands of Cincinnati women – and men – who give a damn about the amazing individuals that make up their community. If you want to reach an audience that cares deeply about their city and show them that you do, too, then this is the place for you. Become a month-long supporter of our website, partner with us for a Boozy Hour, have us give you a shoutout in our next podcast episode, and more. There’s an option for everyone.

Where will my money go?

Your support helps fund our operating costs, community events, salaries, future growth, and more. We’re also saving up to pay the 55+ badasses who make everything we do possible – for free.