episode 2: what is gender inclusion?

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what is a woman?

This is a project of curiosity; we seek to uncover new meanings, new layers, new empathy. We’ll celebrate the ways womanhood is at once a shared experience and a diverse one. In seasonal, hour-long episodes, we’ll explore different facets of this experience within a local context and through a variety of lenses: informative, funny, conceptual, and personal.


episode 1: what is beauty? 

Beauty is so much more than “what mascara goes with my eye color?” How we dress, who we look to for inspiration, the time we spend crafting our external selves – it’s all an extension and a celebration of identity. Three local experts, plus perspectives from the street, offer food for thought – and a little bit of fun.


episode 2: what is gender inclusion

This episode explores what gender inclusion could look like here in Cincinnati, as we hear personal experiences about what gender identity and inclusion mean to different individuals. We aim to inform with expert input, create understanding and empathy with storytelling, and encourage community and respect through group discussion to attempt to answer the question “What is gender inclusion?”


episode 2: show notes

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some important terms from jeni jenkins

  • What is gender?
    Cultural meanings attached to male and female and the attributes that a society or culture constitutes as masculine or feminine. Society expects people to look and behave a certain way depending on their biological sex. People born with male anatomy are usually expected to act and look masculine. People born with female anatomy are usually expected to act and look feminine. However, we all express masculinity and femininity in different ways and we all relate to elements of both differently because gender is a human production. Gender is not fixed or innate, but instead it varies across time and place. It is fluid – it’s constantly created and re-created out of human interaction and social life. Gender involves social norms, attitudes, behaviors, and activities that society deems more appropriate for one biological sex over another. It is also a social institution and one of the many ways humans organize their lives like religion, law, science. Society’s entire set of values legitimized the process of gendering. Gender determines men and women’s different access to rights, resources, and power in society.

  • What is gender expression?
    How you communicate your gender externally based on traditional gender roles expressed through the ways you act, dress, speak, behave, and interact, which may or may conform to socially defined behaviors and the characteristics typically associated with being either masculine or feminine – that outward expressions. It’s what you do.

  • What is sex?
    Sex refers to the biological or physical sex, or a person’s identity that is based on their biological or physical traits that basically society has assigned into the categories of “male” or “female.”

  • What is intersex?
    Some people are born with genetic, hormonal, and physical features typical of both male and female at the same time, so their biological sex isn’t clearly male or female.

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episode 1: show notes

cool stuff from the episode + more

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