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Mother’s Day: Celebrating with Empty Arms

Five years. That’s how long I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day with a baby-shaped hole in my heart. My arms have endured countless blood draws; my fingers have cramped from filling out piles of paperwork; and my hands have been thrown up in the air from complete exhaustion and anger more times than I am proud to admit. My arms are empty, and this year, I celebrate with a heart that aches deeply yet overflows with joy and hope.

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F*** It. I’ll Do It: Interrupting the Narrative

Many times as an after school coordinator, “F*** it. I’ll do it” meant interrupting the usual narrative. When I had a group of third grade girls who prided themselves on being mean girls, it meant bringing them together in a sister circle; showing them the beauty and worth in themselves and one another; and teaching them how to build and sustain friendships with one another that could last lifetimes.

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The Guinea Pig Intern

Reflecting on this past fall semester of my senior year, I had the privilege to work alongside a similarly passionate and outgoing group of "lady bosses" at Women of Cincy. We joked throughout calling me the "guinea pig," being the first ever intern they've had, as I got to test out the various tasks and story ideas.

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A Charmed Life: Celebrating Your Inner Witch

When I was young, my most notable attribute was my wild imagination. Like many other little girls, I spent a lot of time running amok and playing make-believe. My sisters and I dressed up in lavish costumes compiled of knick-knacks and pretended to have magical powers. All children have a bit of magic in them.

So who says adults don’t?

(Plus, Cincinnati's witchiest organizations.)

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