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Scenes from the City: Emily Maxwell

When I say Emily is something else, I mean it. I decide this after she tells me she changed her middle name to Killer Whale in the second grade. Killer whale, Egyptologist, zoologist – these were the dream jobs of Emily Maxwell, and I think she is achieving them in her own way. Emily has been able to pursue a lot of her passions through writing and photographing for CityBeat, and now WCPO. She is a photojournalist and hiker by day, and I am convinced she is a killer whale by night.

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The Faith of Four UC Women

In the upstairs room of Rohs Cafe, I was joined by four women, students at the University of Cincinnati, who graciously volunteered to discuss their faith. That’s not an easy conversation in this day and age. But with Zara Ahmed, Jessica Friedman, Carrie Shephard, and Faryaal Zindani, it was a conversation that flowed with ease and understanding.

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Scenes from the City: Bonnie Rupe

Light shines through a window glistening with raindrops onto a spread of blank pages I hope to fill with notes about a woman I met by chance. Bonnie Rupe sits across from me in the coffee shop, a radiating example of true light and passion. Over tea, we talk about travel, generation gaps, her degrees in French and English, and I’m thinking I will need many more blank pages to get everything down.

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Tamia Stinson: Cincinnati Style

Start a fashion blog before it was mainstream hip? Check. Co-launch Over-the-Rhine’s super popular Second Sunday on Main and one of its first pop-up shops? Check. Land a coveted magazine stylist position? Check. Run your own podcast? Check. Win a prestigious grant to work on a project you’ve dreamed about for years? Check. Be an all-around badass cool cat? Check.

And the list goes on. Tamia Stinson is a creative pioneer in Cincinnati. Let’s dive in to our conversation, which took place at Iris BookCafe in Over-the-Rhine.

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Leah Stewart: Writing Is a Weird Career

Leah Stewart is a novelist, with six published books and a 10-year history in Cincinnati. Her newest book, What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw, will be released March 27.

We talked about her latest book, the weird career of writing, perspective on place, and her lovably eccentric neighborhood of Northside. Our conversation unraveled in her office at the University of Cincinnati, where she is head of the English department.

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National Women’s History Month: Cincinnati Edition

Women of Cincy makes it a priority to put the spotlight on impressive and inspirational women currently living in and around Cincinnati. Obviously, impressive women aren’t a new concept for this city. In fact, women from Cincinnati have been trailblazers in many careers, movements, and fields of study for long as the city has existed.

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