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Grace Cunningham: Resilient

Rohs Street Café is busy on a Wednesday afternoon. Some are enjoying their final homework-free days, chatting about the Target that just opened down the street and recalling the parties of the past weekend. Others are bent over laptops and notebooks. We wave as Grace Cunningham – clearly a regular here – walks in, and she greets us with a bright smile.

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Miranda Millard: Laughter and Mortar

It's a typical afternoon at Union Hall: Creatives are bent over laptops in this corner and that. We're sitting in the kitchen on the second floor and occasionally someone will traipse down one of the mismatched staircases, wondering if the rain has let up. Miranda Millard pushes aside a stack of notebooks and we start chatting. It doesn't take long for her big laugh to fill the room, and we know we're in for a fun one.

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First by the Heart, Now by the Handzy: Suzy & Brittney’s Story

 Handzy Shop + Studio co-owners, Brittney Braemer and Suzy King, are two ladies who embody the entrepreneurial spirit through a commitment to each other and their definition of success. It was warm enough outside to leave the door open last week when we joined them in their shop to talk about the idea origins of Handzy, work-life balance, and their insights for entering the entrepreneurial space.

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