'What is a woman?' Podcast Coming in 2018


Women of Cincy is thrilled to announce the launch of our podcast series, "What is a woman?" in early 2018. The series will be a project of curiosity; we're looking to uncover new meanings, new layers, and new empathy. We’ll celebrate the ways womanhood is at once a shared experience and a diverse one. In seasonal, hour-long episodes, we’ll explore different facets of this experience within a local context and through a variety of lenses: informative, funny, conceptual, and personal.

Episode 1: What Is Beauty?

Beauty is so much more than “what mascara goes with my eye color?” How we dress, who we look to for inspiration, the time we spend crafting our external selves – it’s all an extension and a celebration of identity. Three local experts, plus perspectives from the street, offer food for thought – and a little bit of fun. Special thanks to our sponsor, Untold Content.

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