3 Resources to Prepare for Election Day 2017


Elections are coming up! Here’s a list of three resources to check out before you vote.

1: League of Women Voters: Non-Partisan

For nearly a century, this non-partisan group has been dedicated to promoting informed, active participation in government. Their 2017 voting guide has a comprehensive break-down of all the candidates and issues appearing on this year’s ballot.

2: Putting Women In Their Place: Progressive

This progressive network built to promote female candidates connects media professionals, candidates, and supporters. Take a look at our interview with founder Megan Park about her work or go to their Facebook page to learn more.

3. Cincinnati Enquirer Voting Guide: Leans Conservative

You can use this handy tool to find exactly who and what will appear on your ballot based on your address. The Cincinnati Enquirer is a generally conservative-leaning publication, but this voter education resource is a good place to find information no matter what your affiliations may be.

PoliticsElsie Mort