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Women of Cincy Gift Guide: Fall 2019

My favorite part about moving to a new city is discovering the gems that stud the marketplace. I find so much joy in gawking over the perfectly curated shops, chock full of local, handmade goods, and the community of makers and doers that surround them. Cincinnati continues to reveal hidden treasures, and I’ve only brushed the surface. To me, there’s nothing better than being someplace full of people dedicated to pumping life back into their city.

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On Creating Community with Westwood’s Youth: Liz Haradon, Kim Springer, and Cheryl Whiting

When we first walked into the basement of the Third Presbyterian Church, we were greeted by a hallway gallery of framed photographs and newspaper clippings. Photographs of wrestlers, basketball players, and football players hung on the wall – all of whom once came to this church for the same reason children go there today: for guidance, homework help, crafts, cooking, games, and more. It is a space full of life, bustling with kids ranging in age from 5 to 20.

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Nick Erby and Joe Puchala: Building Workplace Equality with MARC

“I think it’s hard for a lot of white men to embrace what we’re trying to do. It’s difficult for them to bring to the surface some of the difficult topics and hard dialogue to have with your peers and superiors in and out of the workplace. I personally feel that it’s very much about owning some of the responsibility. Looking at it as, ‘it’s not my fault that there are inequalities, but it is our responsibility to be a part of helping to resolve some of that.’ You have to do more; you have to take action. We like to joke that watching documentaries on Netflix that’ll inform you ain’t gonna help.”

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