Words We Heard: 'If I'm not going to do anything, who's going to do it?'

Women of Cincy! It's been like...a month since I've posted this, er, "weekly" roundup of food for thought. You're here on the website, though, so you must have noticed that we've been hard at work! Time flies.

That's a lesson I've been trying to knock through my own head lately: It's not all going to get done, and that's okay. Life is not a to-do list, and if you're feeling like it is, you need to shake it up. Sit on the deck and actually finish that glass of wine. Pull out the sidewalk chalk instead of yelling at your kids for coloring on the wall. Take a spontaneous morning off work and plant those vegetables you've been wanting to grow for years. Remind yourself: Life is fun! 

Okay, lecture over. Take a second to get back in touch with the universe and check out the words we've been collecting throughout the month of May. 


  • "Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women." –Maya Angelou
  • "As a female entrepreneur, I recognize that there's no limit to what I can do because I'm in charge." –Suzy King, co-founder, Hello Handzy, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • "Nobody in construction wanted to put somebody who looks like me in front of a business owner." –Barb Smith, founder of Journey Steel Inc., in an article on Cincinnati.com
  • "I guess what I say to the naysayers is, 'We're doing it. And it's working.'" –Kelly Dolan, co-founder of Ingage Partners and Thrive Cincinnati, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • "The images we hold in our minds should not be those of senseless slaughter but of the ordinary men and women who put concerns about their own safety to one side and rushed to help." –British Prime Minister Theresa May, in a statement after the bombing of a concert venue in Manchester
  • "I wanted to make history. Pave the way, if not for me, then for others." –Private Irelynn Donovan, one of the first female graduates of the United States Army infantry training, in an article in The New York Times
  • "We sat in a meeting with them and cried, and told them about our experiences, and they still aren’t doing anything. If I’m not doing anything, who’s going to do it? It’s bigger than just this institution." –Grace Cunningham, co-founder of Students for Survivors, in an article on rape culture in Cincinnati Magazine
  • "I had every good opportunity. I was being groomed for leadership. But after I got pregnant, my commitment was openly questioned." –Annie Dean, co-founder of flexible job platform Werk, in an article on girlboss