Words We Heard: ‘The map indicates a tight race in November’

Councilwoman Yvette Simpson took home the biggest slice of the electoral pie in the Cincinnati mayoral primary this past Tuesday with 45% of the votes. If she were to defeat incumbent Mayor John Cranley in the final stage of the election this November, she would be the first black woman to be elected mayor of our great city. Regardless of where you stand, that’s quite a thought! The sad news is that less than 11% of voters showed up at the polls on Tuesday. We want to hear from you: Did you vote? Why or why not? Do you plan to vote in the final election in November? How do you go about educating yourself when it comes to choosing a candidate to vote for? Drop us a note at womenofcincy@gmail.com.

  • “A deeper dive into the map indicates a tight race in November.” -Jason Williams’ “What do maps tell us about [the] Cincinnati mayoral election?” on Cincinnati.com
  • “I think the legacy of female musicians is very important. It’s been left out a lot.” -Izzi Krombholz, editor-in-chief of Women in Rock magazine, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • “I really believe in reading the book that’s not for you. You absolutely should be seeking out books with main characters who don’t look like you, books with authors who grew up in a different place or way, books that challenge the ideas you hold most securely.” –Hillary Copsey, founder of Make America Read, in an e-newsletter
  • “When I declared my college major of Dance, I distinctly remember my grandfather saying, ‘What kind of job will you get with that?’ The answer, I’ve learned, is, ‘One I love.'” -Alecia Kintner, CEO of Artswave, in a blog post
  • “We’re going to draft our own bill. And I’m convinced that we’re going to take the time to do it right.” -Senator Susan Collins, moderate Republican from Maine, on “This Week” as quoted in The New York Times