Words We Heard: ‘Everybody can reach excellence in their craft.’

The holiday season is equal parts high stress and high spending. But it can – or should – be a relaxing, comforting time to spend with others or even by yourself. I’ll be graduating college in the spring, so a well deserved break seems necessary. I tend to reflect on the past year, good and bad, around this time, to balance out the anxiety of deadlines, holiday shopping, and cold weather. I get caught up in the thoughts of how quickly time passes, but I strive to think positively about all that I have accomplished. This motivates me for all that I can accomplish in the year ahead.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the season is in full swing! Do something you love or start that hobby you’ve been dying to get into all year. Carving out this time is important every season, but it can be forgotten when things get hectic. Remind yourself of all the success you’ve reached this year and relax.


  • “Let go of the commitments that don’t really matter and only say yes to things that do – then focus on only them.” –Dr. Jason Fox, author, in an article on Girlboss
  • “Allow yourself the freedom to step away from perfection, because it is only then that you can find success.” –Chase Jarvis, photographer and entrepreneur, in a talk given to Creative Mornings Seattle
  • “The feeling of being surrounded by those you love and those who love you gives our brains a rest, allows for deep breaths, and gives us hope for our future.” –Tom Lunney in a blog post by Aviatra Accelerators
  • “It could be a force that really enslaves women...but the internet is radically liberating to young women.” –Naomi Wolf, author and journalist, in an article by Refinery29
  • “Creative expression doesn’t have to be something related to what are considered the traditional performing arts or the traditional fine arts. I think that a chef is an artist; a florist is an artist. Everybody can reach excellence in their craft. I truly believe everybody has a gift and a talent for something.” –Liz Wu, musician and teacher, in an interview with Women of Cincy