Words We Heard: ‘Holidays are a time of family, food, and generosity.’

’Tis the season for spending money on ourselves, our relatives, and friends. Many of us are used to seeing all of the donation drives and philanthropic efforts from the organizations in our communities. We know we want to help out in any way we can, and opportunities are everywhere.

Growing up, my family went to a church where we would pick out a paper tree ornament, and on the ornament was a kid’s name and the present they really wanted, but their parents didn’t have the means to get it for them. My siblings and I were so excited to head to the store and pick out that special present to take back to church the next week. As an adult, I realize the importance of these efforts and love finding new ways to make the holidays memorable for everyone.


  • “To keep the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays going, we’ll have a personal item donation drive benefiting Necco, a local foster care agency for children who have been removed from difficult family situations. These children find it particularly hard to be separated from their parents and siblings during the holidays.” –AIGA Cincinnati on their donation drive occurring December 14 at The Overlook Lodge
  • “Holidays are a time of family, food, and generosity. We believe that every family deserves to share a holiday meal together.” –Freestore Foodbank on their Holiday Food Distribution, happening December 20-22
  • “The holiday season is often a time of joy, but for families struggling to make ends meet, it can be overwhelming and lonely.” –St. Vincent de Paul on their giving holiday programs
  • “Playing with toys has the ability to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. Donating a toy to Cincinnati Children's is one way to bring cheer to a sick child's day.” –Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on their ways to give a gift to children in their care
  • “Cincinnati is experiencing an epidemic that is affecting so many in our community, and RISE is reaching into the jail and onto the streets to connect people with valuable resources to help them RISE up!” –RISE - Reenter Into Society Empowered on their December 12 event to assemble care packages for individuals just being released from jail