Words We Heard: 'Treat life like a moving inspiration board.'

I’ve been on a personal journey to incite more positivity in my own life and self-talk, given that most of my friends and family would describe me as a chronic complainer. It’s not easy to stay positive, given all that is going on in the world right now, but it is still not impossible! There are so many cool people – a LOT of cool women – right here around us that remind me to make positive impact among negativity. This doesn’t mean we should avoid negativity – that would miss the point entirely – but we should try to be that positive voice or change. The easiest, maybe most obvious, first step in this is to be aware of the people around you and what they center around, whether it’s optimism or pessimism. In college, it’s especially hard to steer away from the common groaning.

I’ve started finding inspiration in little things, especially social media, to keep me positive and excited for things ahead. Creating change, sharing ideas, networking, etc., etc., have helped me to spark inner motivation and radiate some good vibes to the people around me.


  • “We, artists, inspire people to love when it is easier to hate.” –Paola Mendoza, artistic director for the Women’s March on Washington
  • “I'm constantly dissecting and tracking trends with specific words, turns of phrase, and new ways to tell a story – and I jot down as many as I can for future reference. I can't tell you how many conversations I've awkwardly paused so I can whip out my iPhone and text myself a snippet of what someone said, or how many photos are just blurry captures of everything from graffiti to menus to storefront easels.” –Jeanine Celeste, Old Navy senior creative director, in an article on girlboss
  • “If it’s not in your nature to lead from the top of the line, consider starting with a small project or decision. Maybe it’s a committee where you take ownership or a business decision that requires an innovative approach.” –Karen Finan, board chair of the Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance on leadership, in an e-newsletter from Aviatra Accelerators
  • “I’ve been a feminist my whole life. I love promoting women’s work, and women’s passions, and women’s ideas and helping them get to fruition.”–Megan Park of Little Sprig Productions and Putting Women In Their Place, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • “That whole experience humbled me and gave me insight. I needed to help. I think everybody needs to ask themselves some hard questions. Are you lucky enough to be able to help? Can you make a mark? Can you make your community better?” –Teresa Tanner, executive VP of Fifth Third Bank, on her daughter's leukemia diagnosis and her ongoing devotion to volunteering and fundraising, in a story in Movers and Makers