Words We Heard: ‘Stop taking salary at face value’

Spring has sprung! From the iconic tradition of Opening Day to local businesses rallying for Equal Pay Day, it felt like a great week to be a Cincinnatian.

  • “Screw equal pay. All working people need to negotiate their worth to their employers. Stop taking salary at face value. Prove your value to the company, figure out the value of your work, be reasonable on where you stand, Google salary negotiation skills and get it.” -Keren Kang, CEO of Native Commerce, in an interview with Forbes
  • “You’re not better. You’re different, but not better. We have kids that go to Ivy League schools, too.” -Robyn Mahaffey, eighth-grade teacher at North College Hill Middle School, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • “Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” -Maya Angelou

  • “Your reading list is like a budget. If you want to read more, tracking the books you’re already reading is a great way to start.” –Hillary Copsey, founder of Make America Read, in an e-newsletter
  • “I actually have this theory. The economy tanked. No one could afford those big cities. So they were stuck here and found themselves doing interesting things. And I think this city benefitted from that – it ended up with a bunch of creative minds.” -Nick Dewald, co-founder of The City Flea, in Cincinnati Magazine‘s “How Creatives Are Remaking Cincinnati”
Kiersten Feuchter