Reported By Women: October 19


Over the last week, our team ventured out to teach the community about advocacy, learn about funding for filmmaking, and meet more incredible people in our community. Keep reading to hear more about the events!

Sherrod Brown’s 2018 Women's Leadership Summit

Reporting by Kelsey Johnson and Kiersten Fuechter. Photography by Stacy Wegley.

Our boss babes, Kiersten and Chelsie, were thrilled to be given the opportunity to present at Sherrod Brown’s 2018 Women’s Leadership Summit. It was a great space to listen and learn about tools to positively impact the community and bring advocacy to the forefront.

“When women have a seat at the table, we are all better for it.” –Sen. Sherrod Brown

“You might share the same beliefs as the person next to you, but you may express it completely differently. Malcolm Gladwell said, ‘“Why” is a whole lot more complicated than “what.”’” –Kiersten Feuchter

“This is not a time to throw up our hands. This is a time to roll up our sleeves.” –Sen. Kamala Harris

“Stories stick because we care about people. Stories help us digest statistics and put meaning behind numbers.” –Chelsie Walter

“As many naysayers as there are, there are champions, and we stand on the shoulders of the women who did this work before us.” –Jackie Congedo, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council


Women in Film Cincinnati

Reporting and photography by Chelsie Walter.

“Keep taking those noes, 'cause eventually they're going to lead to yeses.’” –Panelist Kristen Schlotman, Executive Director of Film Cincinnati

Often the most difficult task storytellers are faced with is funding. Last Tuesday, Women in Film Cincinnati hosted Roads to Resources, an event aimed at providing current and future filmmakers with insider knowledge on how to find funding for their projects.

Visit Women in Film Cincinnati to check out views from the night and learn more about the organization.

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