Meet the Summer Residents

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Can you believe summer is finally here? It feels like it was still snowing just a couple weeks ago. Oh wait, it was… But now the weather is nice, the birds are chirping, the pollen count is high, and our summer residents have arrived.

This summer, we’re welcoming an editorial resident, a social media resident, and a graphic design resident.

You might be thinking, “Yay, but what does a resident do?” A resident is kind of like an intern, but with more of an emphasis on mentorship and growth in leadership than on getting coffee and filling out spreadsheets. Mentorship is one of our four pillars and a special passion of ours, because if we’re not taking the time to invest in young women, can we really accomplish our goals?

They truly keep this company afloat, finding, creating, editing, and promoting new content, events, and more. This is the third cohort of residents and they will be with us for the summer. The cohort will be led by graduates of our spring editorial residency, Lindsay Combs and Lauren Lewis, and Ellen Huggins, graduate of our fall 2017 editorial residency and our new residency director.

Now that you know what they will be doing, it’s time to meet the residents!

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Kate Ducey, Editorial Resident

Kate is a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying communication and marketing. She has a love for exclamation points, dogs, Cincinnati, books, social justice, and trees. Kate's ultimate dream job will forever continue to be a dog walker, but for now she hopes to work for nonprofit post graduation.


Lizzy Geraghty, Graphic Design Resident

Lizzy is a design student and photographer in the Cincinnati area. She is passionate about sustainability shopping, thrift, and loves to travel.


Ally Lim, Social Media Resident

Ally, a Cleveland native, is currently a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati studying communication and public relations. She has a passion for fashion (especially OTR’s boutiques), enjoys holding puppies, and prefers to be on a beach reading a romance novel. As a lover of food, Ally hopes to travel the world and try every culture’s cuisine one day.