bombASSbabes Session 5

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BombASSbabes is a mini-series celebrating the tenacious broads of Cincinnati. The short films explore a sundry of hobbies, skills, and enthusiasms women choose to pour their creative energy into.

The hope is to expose what it means to live in tensions between vulnerable and unapologetic, tender and rooted, humble and bold, plus the millions more we call upon ourselves as we seek balance.

BombASSbabes welcomes trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people.


Kara Michelle Pierson reflecting on a path of intention.

Learn more about Kara by stepping into her world or take a moment to listen to her short, guided meditation.   

Biz writes: why is Kara a babe. When I first met Kara, I was smitten with her warmth. She's one of those magical people that can make you feel like a summer breeze with just her eyes. Since our first meeting, she's held space for me in deep conversation and in the same breath has had me belly laughing with joy. Of all things, Kara truly embodies her practice with all of its vulnerability, elegance, and charm, and I feel damn lucky to call her a friend.

Kara writes: why she's a babe. As a recovering workaholic, this process of letting go of toxic beliefs and behaviors has been the most important, messy, liberating work I have ever done and probably will ever do. I think my ability to honor all parts of my journey has allowed me to hold space for others while they are embarking on journeys of their own.

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