bombASSbabes Session 10

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BombASSbabes is a mini-series celebrating the tenacious broads of Cincinnati. The short films explore a sundry of hobbies, skills, and enthusiasms women choose to pour their creative energy into.

The hope is to expose what it means to live in tensions between vulnerable and unapologetic, tender and rooted, humble and bold, plus the millions more we call upon ourselves as we seek balance.

BombASSbabes welcomes trans, genderqueer, and non-binary people.


Yalie Saweda reads an original poem, A Haiku Love Letter for Gabby Douglas

Explore more of her writing.  

Biz writes: why is Yalie a babe. By the end of the first day I met Yalie, we had both cried. She read selections of her work to a crowd of other women and as I looked around the room I saw my own emotion mirrored in their faces. We sat on the floor, tears streaming yet still smiling because we knew she was something special. Yalie is the type of person that won't let you leave her home without a book (or two) to borrow. She shares her passion for writing as readily and unconditionally as her friendship, and I feel quite lucky to be on the receiving end of both <3  

Yalie writes: why she's a babe. I am a babe because I move with intention and sincerity. Because I water the seeds in my heart. Because I till the soils of empathy around me. Because my soul is a garden. Because I am both blossom and blooming. Because I know that the blues are real, but that my faith runs deeper. Because I am learning all the ways to run in the direction of love. Because I follow the lines of a blessed map, in which my path always, always, always, leads back to joy.

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