Words We Heard: ‘I have to be accountable for my own longevity.’

Self-care is a word that I hear and read about an average of 3,000 times a week. Obviously, that is an exaggeration, but it has become a regularly used term in mine and many other people’s vocabularies. But what is self-care? Is it getting your nails done once every two weeks, or is it just taking five minutes out of a busy schedule to check in with yourself? It likely depends on who you ask, but I feel that self-care can be both.

Self-care is about giving your body whatever it needs – emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. If you are having a bad week and need some pampering, get your nails done! If you had a busy day, check in with yourself. Give yourself whatever you need.


  • “I have to be accountable for my own longevity.” –Anne Ilyinsky, owner of Muse, Mount Lookout’s newest restaurant, in an article for Movers and Makers
  • “Although the early years were about working long hours in every position imaginable, I have slowly built and designed my company in a way that allows me to work to my strengths, as well as to exclusively work on things that I truly enjoy,” –Janet Zuccarini, owner and CEO of Gusto 54 Restaurant Group, in an interview with Girlboss
  • “I find it relaxing to come home after picking up the kids from school and smelling the clean and feeling the satisfaction to know you completed your To Do list for today, and ignoring that you probably won’t get it all done tomorrow. Today THAT is self-care.” –Danielle McKinney in an article for Cincinnati Moms Blog
  • “The idea is around products that are meaningful when it comes to taking time for yourself.” –Nia Baucke in an interview with Women of Cincy discussing her brand Cypress Beauty
  • “If you know you have a busy work week/stressful event/whatever coming up, make time to recharge before or after that.” –Alisha Ramos, founder of Girls Night In, in their weekly newsletter
  • "True self-care is making the conscious choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from." –Meridan Peters, Co-founder of CincyStateofBeing in an article for Women of Cincy