Words We Heard: 'It's because of the courage and fortitude of a small but vocal group of women'

I'm on a huge nature kick right now. I guess it's easy to be when you're sitting on the patio and it's 75 degrees, the toddler is napping, and the smells of the flowers and herbs mix perfectly with the soothing acoustic playlist you just found.

It's pretty easy to lazily skim a few news articles on a day like that, but it's a bit more of a challenge to stay in-the-know on days when you work both jobs and you order pizza for dinner because there's not even time to whip up some mac and cheese. I'm really interested in the subject: What's your method of staying informed? Social media? Radio? Don't pay attention to the news and hope for the best? Shoot me an email at womenofcincy@gmail.com and share your thoughts, advice, or struggles.


  • "Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) doesn't have any idea what women and men are – or aren't – supposed to do. Even when she does encounter other people's ideas about gender roles, she doesn't automatically accept them, and she never lets anyone stop her." –Alyssa Rosenberg on "Wonder Woman" in an opinion piece in The Washington Post

  • "What if I told you that with the push of a button on a smartphone or tablet, you can find help for a survivor of gender-based violence anywhere in the world?" –Kirthi, impact leader at World Pulse, in an article on Show of Force

  • "I want to make sure we show the breadth of what Cincinnati's image makers can do, from commercial and lifestyle shoots to beauty and fashion photography." –Tamia Stinson, stylist, Haile fellow, and founder of Tether, in an article on CityBeat

  • "We as a city have been chasing this for decades." –Mayor John Cranley at a news conference announcing plans for a new downtown Kroger, as reported by CityBeat

  • "One of the main reasons both Miami and UC are finally dealing with the matter head-on is because of the courage and fortitude of a small but vocal group of women who have refused to let the violence they say they have endured go unnoticed." –Cincinnati Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jay Stowe in his foreword to the June issue

  • "There are plenty of complaints we could have about the way things are, or the state of our community, our state, our country. But I believe that action is the only way to make things happen." –Kiana Trabue, executive director of community health at the YMCA of greater Cincinnati, in an interview with Women of Cincy