Words We Heard: 'We're paying attention to how we can contribute to the greater good.'

It's Father's Day, women of Cincy! After taking a moment to reflect, I'm truly amazed at the men in my life – most notably, my fiancé and incredible father to our two-year-old, but also my own dad, my co-workers, and so on – who have wholeheartedly supported this initiative from the get-go, even when it means dinner alone with the toddler, again.

Behind a lot of great women is a great dad. Take a minute to say "thanks" today, and enjoy this week's words.


  • "I just think there could be a way where we can revitalize the community and revitalize the people in the community, too." –Miranda Millard, development associate at Mortar, in an interview with Women of Cincy
  • "Shame us all you want for Instagramming our meals and eating up our iPhone storage with selfies – we’re a generation that’s paying attention to how we can contribute to the greater good." –Deana Drewis, "Why Millennials Are (Rightly) Obsessed with Small Business," girlboss
  • "The cost of one admission will help the Freestore Foodbank provide 525 meals to hungry children and families in our Tri-State area." –Kurt Reiber, president and CEO of the Freestore Foodbank, in an article in Movers and Makers
  • "Democracies need libraries. An informed public constitutes the very foundation of a democracy; after all, democracies are about discourse – discourse among the people." –a statement from the American Library Association quoted in an e-newsletter from Make America Read
  • "We lost all our instruments in the flood. Every instrument we lost was replaced. Hubbard Radio listeners responded to a call-a-thon and replaced our drums, guitars and keyboards. The Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati donated replacement sound equipment, the entire community brought hundreds of donated instruments to Willis Music stores, and generous donations from grants and individuals helped us buy the specialized equipment we needed. The outpouring of support from the community was amazing." –Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh, executive director, Melodic Connections, in an interview with ArtsWave