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Streetvibes Soiree! Sponsored by Urban Artifact

Come to Streetvibe’s annual fundraiser! Featuring live music and visual arts, this soiree will be a great way to spend your Friday night while also helping your community. Come dance, drink local beer, and visit our merchandise tables. All donations go to the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition.

21 and over to enter
$10 at the door
Stickers and posters for sale

Streetvibes is an alternative newspaper and part of the international street newspaper movement. Distributors come to the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition to purchase the paper for 75 cents to then distribute it for a $2 donation. To keep the paper at 75 cents for distributors, we have to raise funds to fill in the rest of the costs of creating and printing the paper.

More about Streetvibes:
Focusing on homelessness and social justice issues, Streetvibes reports the often-invisible story of poverty in our community. Streetvibes is also proud to include creative writing, poetry, articles, photography and interviews written by homeless and formerly homeless individuals. As a progressive news source, Streetvibes serves an educational function, and also provides a forum for dialogue for those often left unseen and unheard. It is published twice a month by the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, largely with the help of volunteers.