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Female Identity Beyond the Male Gaze

  • Burnet Woods Lone Star Pavilion (map)

How Would You Express Womxnhood If You Did Not Have To Worry About The Male Gaze?

When living with different thoughts, emotions, traumas that may be difficult to talk about, expressing these feelings through the creation of art can be incredibly healing. Painting, dancing, making music, participating in activities that allow you to lose yourself in the flow of creating and being in community can allow for the space to grow.

The group will be making "soul collages" that reflect your feelings about this particular topic. "Soul collage" involves taking images from tearings, clippings, old magazines, etc. and combining them to create a new image. After everyone has time to make a piece there will space to process any emotions that came up.

Elsie Almodovar-Reyes is a creator that focuses on exploring latinx culture, mental health, and identity as a womxn. She enjoys making multimedia works including watercolor, soul collage, and digital drawings.