Honor Cincy

Do you have that one person in your life who always puts others before themselves? Who is generous and kind and thoughtful, and always knows exactly what to say when you’re having a bad day? Who stands up for what is right no matter what? Who cares about this city, and everyone in it?


Well, we would like to publicly recognize the heroes that walk among us. Thank someone in your life for being an extraordinary person with a gift in their honor to Women of Cincy.

Your gift will celebrate an amazing person in your life while supporting us as we carry the torch forward and continue recognizing amazing people across this city every week.

We also encourage you to make a gift in memory of someone who may no longer be with us but had a significant impact on your life.

So here’s the deal:

Honor an extraordinary person in your life by supporting Women of Cincy with a $50 gift. You will receive:

  • Your honoree’s name listed on our website along with a short blurb about your honoree written by you

  • A specially designed card mailed to your honoree with a note from us and you about what makes them so special

  • A special shout-out at an upcoming Boozy Hour so everyone can cheers to your honoree’s awesomeness in person

Turn this into a recurring monthly gift of $10 or more and receive a free Women of Cincy classic T-shirt to gift to your honoree.

Are you in? If so, click the button below to tell us about your honoree and submit your gift.


Hope Rice

Hope Rice, she’s everything a progressive woman in this city or any city should strive for. She’s a woman of principle that people can aspire to!