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Still a Feminist

Do you believe in equality of genders? Cool, then you’re a feminist.

Do you prefer the Urban Dictionary definition of a feminist instead? Okay, maybe you’re not one.

But I say “maybe” because I don’t really know you, and I don’t want to make a blanket assumption. I get frustrated by blanket assumptions, especially those related to the topics of gender equality, women’s rights, and the people who believe in those things.

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Stories Behind The Booze: Renee Webeler

The main thing I took away from meeting with Renee Webeler is her love for her family and community. Her family’s warmth is shared even with strangers, displayed as soon as I pulled up to meet her at the greenhouse during a particularly nasty downpour and her husband raced out to escort me in. The humidity and technicolor of the lush greenhouse is almost transcendent; I forget I’m even in Cincinnati.

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STEMulate: Beauty Does Not Make You Underqualified

Lyndsey Scott has led a successful modeling career with famous designers such as Calvin Klein, Prada, Louis Vuitton – notably known for her walk down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret angel. Without question, society has accepted all of the grand feats that Scott has accomplished in the modeling industry, but there is one skill set she has that many just can’t seem to grapple.

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Meet the Women of Cincy Team: Yashira M. Afanador

I first met Yashira at the Women’s March, when I was a young, nervous intern dealing with the stress of interrupting random people chanting in our city streets. Yashira was the experienced photographer to balance out my sketchy interviewing skills, and together, we bonded over our first Women’s March experience and contemplated which people to interview.

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Scenes From the City: Laurie Lambert

I always feel strange about reading up on a woman I have never met but will meet soon; I feel like a sleuth. But, after reading Laurie Lambert’s story, I didn’t need a detective wool hat to decide who owned this specific car. The mothering, bold, poetic Laurie Lambert opened the third entrance door to Women Writing for a Change moments later and confessed to the triplet bumper sticker, a-ha!

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Stories Behind the Booze: We Olive Cincinnati's Leah Jones

We Olive Cincinnati is destined to be a local neighborhood spot where you can dine, drink, shop, and have a full culinary experience — and that includes enjoying cocktails made with balsamic vinegar. Leah Jones, who owns the shop with her husband Coby, chatted with Women of Cincy about her love for Cincinnati, the We Olive franchise, cocktails, and turning passions and inspirations into careers.

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