We’re more powerful when everyone is in the room.


If we’ve learned anything after two years, hundreds of interviews, and an outpouring of community support, it’s that Cincinnatians get stuff done. Our work as creators, community activators, and mentors has inspired some of our core beliefs:

When you uplift women, you uplift everyone.

Empathy and proximity are inextricably linked.

So here’s the scoop: We’re pursuing a home both for ourselves and for a community of change-makers who think diversity and creativity matter and who want to put Cincinnati at the forefront of their work.

To do this, we need to find the right people. We’re currently assembling an active board to help us through this process. Down the road, we’ll also need connections, legal help, and input from the community. Have comments, a question, or anything else building-related? Contact Chelsie Walter at chelsie@womenofcincy.org.