Women of Cincy is a social enterprise built to celebrate Cincinnati’s incredible women, creating empathy and opportunities through storytelling, collaboration, community, and mentorship. We work within the community to employ, empower, and elevate local women of all backgrounds, colors, shapes, and abilities.



who we are

Storytelling opens doors and it opens minds. We want the people of Cincinnati – and the world – to recognize what the women of this city are capable of. We are movers, shakers, artists, entrepreneurs, moms, daughters, sisters, politicians, advocates, doers. As our first-ever Woman of Cincy Hillary Copsey put it, “The women of this city get shit done.” And we are here to celebrate that.

We don’t have a political agenda. We’re tired of breathing in the atmosphere of divisiveness and scorn for the “other side.” We want to breathe the spirit of collaboration, intelligent and informed discussion, building one another up and chasing goals that benefit every woman: black, white, brown, cis, queer. Whether you drive a Range Rover or you stand in the rain waiting for the bus, you’re a woman of Cincy, and you deserve to have a voice. If you’re a mom of three and you run a corporate empire or if you’re slinging drinks and spoiling your pet birds, you’re a woman of Cincy and you deserve to have a voice.

So join us. Share your story; share your talents; share a drink with us. Let’s celebrate and build up this community of incredible women.